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Lakers vs. Nuggets (1st)
Complete Head-to-Head Season and Playoffs Record and Game Log

Denver Nuggets (1st)

Minneapolis and Los Angeles Lakers all-time performance against the Denver Nuggets (1st) in the NBA Season and Playoffs. This is a complete game log with all the games played between these two teams with date, franchise, result, and head-to-head record evolution.

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The Lakers and the Denver Nuggets (1st) have played 2 total games between the regular season and the playoffs with 2 victories for the Lakers and 0 for the Nuggets (1st)

* These are not the current Denver Nuggets, these are the original Nuggets and despite sharing the same name they are different franchises.

Note: This is a defunct franchise.

Lakers vs. Nuggets (1st) Head-to-Head in the NBA Regular Season and Playoffs:

Date Opponent Score Streak Head to head
2 1949-50 Season Dec 10, 1949 MNL N Denver Nuggets (1st) W 89 - 76 won 2 2 - 0
1 1949-50 Season Nov 25, 1949 MNL @ Denver Nuggets (1st) W 101 - 81 won 1 1 - 0

wc1st = Western Conference First Round / wcsmi= Western Conference Semifinals
wcfin = Western Conference Finals / wdsmi = West Division Semifinals
wdfin = West Division Finals / nbafi = NBA Finals