L.A. Lakers History: Lakers Head-to-Head Records Against all the NBA Teams

All-time Lakers performance against the other NBA franchises. Includes win, losses, total games in the regular season and the playoffs.

The Lakers have played 5686 games in the regular season and 749 in the playoffs. Here you have the details of the Lakers performance against every NBA team. Note that in this list the teams are named with their current name but include all the variants of the franchises, this is the Atlanta Hawks include the Lakers record against the St. Louis Hawks or the Sacramento Kings include the Lakers record head-to-head against the Kansas City Kings and the Rochester Royals and so on... If you want more detailed information we have a detailed list with the head-to-head records against every variant of each franchise.

In the regular season the Lakers have positive records against all the NBA teams with the only exception of the the Boston Celtics and the Charlotte Bobcats. In the playoffs they also win most of the matchups with the exceptions of the Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Lakers Head-to-Head Records Against All The Other NBA Teams:

Season Playoffs
  G W L Winning % G W L Winning %
  Lakers Totals: 5686 3385 2301 .595   749 450 299 .601  
Season Playoffs
Franchise G W L Winning % G W L Winning %