Minneapolis Lakers 1954 Championship - The Playoffs

The 1954 NBA Playoffs: Minneapolis Lakers and all the other teams

Here you have the information about the 1954 NBA Playoffs and the path the Minneapolis Lakers took to win a new championship. The league had 9 teams in 1954, the best 3 of each Division played a round robing in wich the New York Knickerbockers and the Fort Wayne Pistons were eliminated. The remaining 4 (2 from each Division) competed in a traditional playoff format.

Western Division NBA Finals Eastern Division
(1) Lakers 2 0 Celtics (2)
Lakers Nationals
(2) Royals 1 2 Nationals (3)
Lakers 4-3 Nationals
Minnepolis Lakers

The teams:

Lakers = Minneapolis Lakers
Royals = Rochester Royals
Celtics = Boston Celtics
Nationals = Syracuse Nationals

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