Los Angeles Lakers 2002 Championship - Regular Season Game Log

Game log of the 2002 Regular Season that led to the Los Angeles Lakers NBA Championship. All the scores and final Conference standings.

Regular Season Record: 58 wins - 24 defeats

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Pacific Division Standings
W L DIF Streak 
SAC 61 21 --- lost 1
LAL 58 24 3 won 3
POR 49 33 12 won 2
SEA 45 37 16 won 1
LAC 39 43 22 lost 1
PHO 36 46 25 won 1
GSW 21 61 40 won 1
Team leaders:
 points: O'Neal 27.2
 rebounds: O'Neal 10.7
 assists: Bryant 5.5
 steals: Bryant 1.48
 blocks: O'Neal 2.04
 3point %: Fisher .413

Los Angeles Lakers vs. the rest

this is the way the series ended this 2001/2002 regular season
Eastern Conf. Lakers
Western Conf. Lakers
Atlanta Hawks
Boston Celtics
Charlotte Hornets
Chicago Bulls
Cleveland Cavs
Detroit Pistons
Indiana Pacers
Miami Heat
Milwaukee Bucks
New Jersey Nets
New York Knicks
Orlando Magic
Toronto Raptors
Wash. Wizards
Dallas Mavericks
Denver Nuggets
Golden State Warriors
Houston Rockets
Los Angeles Clippers
Memphis Grizzlies
Minnesota T'wolves
Phoenix Suns
Portland Trail Blazers
Sacramento Kings
San Antonio Spurs
Seattle Supersonics
Utah Jazz
The Lakers only lost their series against Chicago and Boston, and didn't lose any series with the Western Conference teams.

The numbers:
* The 16-1 beginnig of season is the best in the Lakers history.
* 2-9-2002: Kobe Bryant won the All-Star MVP with 31 points, 5 assists and 5 rebounds and was booed by the philadelphia fans.
* The Los Angeles Lakers set a franchise record for fewest points allowed (66) against Charlotte, 3-12-2002.
*Washington, 4-2-2002: Michael Jordan was held to a career-low two points.

Game Score Highlights
W 4/17 L.A. vs Sacramento 109-95 Shaq 21pts 9reb
Shaq 21pts 5assist
Fisher 16pts
W 4/15 L.A. vs Seattle 111-104 Shaq 41pts 11reb 4assist
Kobe 19pts 4assist 2steal
Walkers 12pts 7reb
Fisher 13pts 4assist
L 4/14 L.A. at Portland 120-128 Shaq 36pts 11reb
Kobe 23pts 9assist 7reb 2block 3steal
Fisher 14pts Fox 13pts
W 4/11 L.A. vs. Minnesota 96-83 Shaq 32pts 9reb
Kobe 28pts
Fisher 14pts 7reb
W 4/9 L.A. vs Utah 112-82 Kobe 22pts 5assist 2block
Shaq 22pts 2block ejected
Horry 14pts 11reb Fisher 14pts
George 16pts 3block
W 4/7 L.A. at Miami 96-88 Shaq 40pts 11reb
kobe 19pts 11reb
George 13pts
L 4/5 L.A. at Boston 81-99 Kobe 26pts 6reb
Shaq DNP
Fox 13pts
L 4/3 L.A. at New Jersey 92-94 Kobe 33pts
Shaq DNP
Walker 13pts 14reb 4block
Fisher 14pts
W 4/2 L.A. at Washington 113-93 Shaq 22pts 18reb 3block
kobe 14pts 6assist
Fox 15pts Fisher 15pts
W 3/31 L.A. vs San Antonio 96-95 Kobe 31pts 9reb
Shaq 24pts 9reb 5block
Horry 23pts 8reb
W 3/29 L.A. vs Portland 91-79 Kobe 34pts 6assist 7reb
Shaq 34pts 14reb
Walker 17reb
L 3/27 L.A. at Phoenix 106-118 Kobe 36pts
Shaq 24pts 11reb 3block
Horry 18pts 6assist
W 3/26 L.A. vs Cleaveland 121-116 Shaq 19pts 8reb
Kobe 17pts 7reb
Fox 18pts
Fisher 14pts Shaw 13pts
W 3/24 L.A. at Sacramento 97-96 Kobe 29pts 4assist
Shaq 21pts 6assist 7reb
Fisher 16pts
W 3/22 L.A. vs Detroit 94-82 Shaq 28pts 7reb
Kobe 18pts 7assist 7reb 4steal
Fisher 13pts
Horry 10pts 10reb 6assist
L 3/20 L.A. at San Antonio 90-108 Shaq 17pts 10reb 4block
Kobe 20pts
L 3/19 L.A. at Dallas 98-114 Shaq 32pts10reb
Kobe 12pts 8reb
Fox 16pts 9reb
W 3/17 L.A. vs. Dallas 105-103 Shaq 28pts 9reb
Kobe 14pts 11assist 9reb
Horry 19pts 8reb 4block
Fox 16pts 7assist 8reb
W 3/15 L.A. vs L.A.Clippers 98-92 Kobe 33pts 3steal
Shaq 16pts13reb
Fox 12pts Horry 10pts
W 3/14 L.A. at Golden State 110-102 Shaq 40pts 13reb 3block
Kobe 21pts 6assist 7reb
Fox 16pts 6assist 11reb
W 3/12 L.A. vs Charlotte 107-66 Kobe 23pts 7reb 4steals
Shaq 9pts10reb
Medvedenko 12pts 8reb
Horry 12pts Hunter 12pts
W 3/10 L.A. vs New York 117-103 Shaq 40pts 8reb 3block
Kobe 18pts 7assist
Horry 13reb 3block Fisher 17pts
L 3/6 L.A. at Utah 84-92 Shaq 28pts 12reb 3block
Kobe 26pts 4assist
W 3/5 L.A. vs New Jersey 101-92 Shaq 40pts 12reb
Horry 12pts 13reb
Fisher 16pts / Kobe DNP
W 3/3 L.A. vs Houston 95-79 Shaq 36pts 14reb 7assist
Kobe DNP
Horry 14pts George 13pts
W 3/1 L.A. vs Indiana 96-84 Shaq 33pts 12reb 6block
Kobe 25pts
Horry 9pts 11reb 6assist 4block
L 2/27 L.A. at Minnesota 101-112 Shaq 27pts 8reb 4block
Kobe 27pts 11assist
Horry 15pts 7reb
W 2/26 L.A. at Milwaukee 99-89 Shaq 28pts 13reb
Kobe 27pts 6assist
Fisher 15pts
W 2/24 L.A. at New York 107-91 Shaq 30pts 15reb 5assist
Kobe 27pts 6reb 5assist 3steal
Horry 20pts 8reb
W 2/22 L.A. at Charlotte 96-94 Shaq 31pts 7reb
Kobe 21pts 9reb 6assist
W 2/21 L.A. at Cleveland 104-97

Kobe 32pts 6reb 6assist
Shaq 31pts 4reb

L 2/19 L.A. vs. Boston 108-109 Kobe 27pts 9assist
Shaq 25pts 17reb
Horry 9pts 9reb 7assist
L 2/17 L.A. at Portland 105-111 Kobe 28pts 5reb
Horry 22pts 8reb
Hunter 18pts 7assist
Fox 18pts 6reb 5 assist
L 2/15 L.A. vs. Atlanta 90-93 Kobe 38pts 8reb
Medvedenko 11pts
Walker 14reb 8pts
W 2/14 L.A. at Seattle 92-87 Kobe 23pts 7reb 10assist
Fox 13pts 8reb 5assist
W 2/12 L.A. vs. Washington 103-94 Kobe 23pts 15assist 11reb
Fisher 16pts Hunter 13pts
M.Jordan 22pts 6assist
East vs. West
120-135 Kobe 31pts 5reb 5assist MVP
Jordan 8pts
Iverson 5pts
L 2/6 L.A. vs. Chicago 97-89 Kobe 38pts 8reb
Medvedenko 11pts
Walker 14reb 8pts
W 2/3 L.A. at Dallas 101-94 Shaq 31pts 13reb
Kobe 24pts 10reb 6assist
Fisher 19pts
W 2/1 L.A. at Memphis 100-85 Shaq 26pts 10reb
Fisher 21pts
Kobe 13pts 6assist
W 1/30 L.A. at Orlando 111-93 Shaq 30pts 14reb
Kobe 23pts 8reb
George 13pts 6reb
W 1/29 L.A. at Atlanta 127-93 Kobe 32pts
Shaq 23pts 6reb
L 1/27 L.A. at Philadelphia 87-93 Shaq 26pts 11reb
Kobe 20pts
W 1/25 L.A. vs. San Antonio 94-91 Kobe 27pts 6assist
Shaq 25pts 15reb
L 1/23 L.A. at L.A. Clippers 90-95

Kobe 27pts 4assist
Shaq 24pts 10reb 3block

L 1/22 L.A. vs. Denver 91-107 Kobe 31pts 8reb 3steals 4assist
Shaq 20pts 4reb 5block
Walker 13reb
W 1/19 L.A. at San Antonio 98-81 Kobe 28pts 5assist 7reb
Medvedenko 12pts
Fisher 11pts 7reb
L 1/16 L.A. vs. Miami 96-102 Kobe 29pts
Fisher 17pts
Walker 14pts 13reb
W 1/14 L.A. vs. Memphis 120-81 Kobe 56pts 5reb
Horry 12pts 11reb
L 1/12 L.A. at Chicago 104-106 Fisher 28pts
Kobe 26pts 8reb 3steals
Shaq 19pts 10reb
L 1/11 L.A. at Minnesota 102-120 Shaq 29pts 7reb
Kobe 23pts 5assist
Walker 10pts 9reb
W 1/9 L.A. at Indiana 109-90 Kobe 31pts 8reb 3steals 4assist
Shaq 20pts 4reb 5block
Walker 13reb
W 1/8 L.A. at Detroit 121-92 Shaq 28pts 10reb
Kobe 20pts 6assist
W 1/6 L.A. at Toronto 109-89 Kobe 31pts 7reb 3steals
Shaq 24pts 6reb
Walker 13pts 10reb
W 1/4 L.A. vs. Phoenix 118-86 Shaq 24pts 9reb 5assist
Kobe 18pts 6assist
Walker 11pts 10reb
George 14pts Fisher 12pts
W 1/2 L.A. at Denver 87-86 Kobe 28pts 8reb 3steals
Fox 17pts 7reb 6assist
Walker 14pts 11reb
W 12/30/01 L.A. vs. Houston 114-90 Kobe 16pts 11assist
Horry 14pts 11reb 6assist
Walker 12pts 5block
Fox 16pts George 14pts
Hunter 12pts
L 12/28/01 L.A. vs. Toronto 86-89 Kobe 26pts 8reb 6assist
Walker 9pts 14 reb 4block
George 17 pts Fox 14pts
L 12/27/01 L.A. at Golden State 90-101 Kobe 39pts 5assist
Walker 11pts 5block
Medvedenko 12pts 8reb
W 12/25/01 L.A. vs. Philadelphia 88-82 Kobe 12pts 11reb 9assist
Walker 18pts 10reb
Shaw 13pts Medvedenko 12pts
Shaq did not play
L 12/21/01 L.A. at Memphis 108-114

Kobe 36pts 6assist
Shaq 26pts 9reb 5assist

W 12/20/01 L.A. at Houston 107-101 Kobe 27pts 5assist
Fisher 23pts, 7-9 3pt
Shaq 16pts 14reb 4blocks
W 12/16/01 L.A. vs. Golden State 101-85 Kobe 28pts
Shaq 20pts 6assist
George 13pts
W 12/14/01 L.A. vs. L.A.Clippers 110-80 Shaq 28pts 15reb 4assist
Kobe 25pts 7assist 3steals
Medvedatko 18pts 7reb
L 12/11/01 L.A. vs. Seattle 93-104 Shaq 37pts 16reb 6block
Kobe 16pts Medvedatko 10pts
L 12/7/01 L.A. at Sacramento 91-97 Shaq 31pts 16reb 5assist
Kobe 23pts 6reb 3assist
Fisher 13pts
W 12/5/01 L.A. vs. Dallas 98-94 Shaq 46pts(18-23) 15reb
Kobe 19pts 9reb 5assist 3steal
Horry 13reb 4assist
W 12/1/01 L.A. vs. Minnesota 102-76 Shaq 23pts 9reb 5assist
Kobe 18pts 5assist
George 15pts 4block
W 11/30/01 L.A. at Seattle 107-92 Kobe 30pts 3reb 3assist
Shaq 8pts 10min (ejected)
Hunter 12pts - Fisher 14pts
W 11/27/01 L.A. vs. Milwaukee 104-85 Kobe 33pts 8reb 4assist
Shaq 19pts 9reb 5assist 3 block
Horry 13pts 8reb 3block
W 11/25/01 L.A. vs. Denver 105-98 Kobe 25pts 7reb 7assist
Shaq 22pts 6reb 6assist 6block
Fisher 14pts 4-4 3pts
W 11/23/01 L.A. vs. Golden State 106-90 Kobe 28pts
Shaq 20pts 10reb
W 11/21/01 L.A. at Denver 89-68 Kobe 24pts 13reb 7assist
Shaq 10pts 13reb 6assist
Richmond 13pts
W 11/20/01 L.A. at L.A.Clippers 98-93 Kobe 25pts 12assist 3steals
Shaq 22pts 11reb 3block
W 11/18/01 L.A. vs. Sacramento 98-97 Kobe 29pts 8assist
Shaq 28pts 15reb
Fox 16pts 9reb 7assist
L 11/16/01 L.A. at Phoenix 83-95 Shaq 28pts 12reb
Kobe 18pts 5assist
W 11/15/01 L.A. at Houston 98-97 Kobe 31pts 5assist
Shaq 30pts 13reb
W 11/11/01 L.A. vs. Orlando 108-95 Shaq 38pts 18reb 4block
Kobe 28pts 8assist
W 11/9/01 L.A. vs. Memphis 110-86

Kobe 13pts 7assist 3block
Shaq 20pts 8reb
Medvedatko 17pts

W 11/4/01 L.A. vs. Utah 100-96 Kobe 38pts 7assist
Shaq 30pts 8reb
W 11/2/01 L.A. vs. Phoenix 117-94 Shaq 36pts 13reb
Kobe 24pts 9assist
W 11/1/01 L.A. at Utah 105-101 Kobe 39pts 8assist
Shaq 31pts


L.A. vs. Portland 98-87 Shaq 29pts 18reb 5assist 5block
Kobe 29pts 7reb 4assist