Lakers History: Laker Players that were the NBA Assists Leaders

Features the complete list and details about the Los Angeles Lakers players that have led the NBA in assists, including Jerry West and Magic Johnson

Despite having had some of the best players in NBA history, only 3 players in Lakers history have led the league in assists.

Jerry West had a terrific 1971-72 season: he led the league with 9.7 assists, was sixth in points and led his team to an NBA-record 33 wins in a row and the championship. Magic Johnson, whose career average of 11.9 assists per game is the best in NBA history, led the league 4 times. LeBron James led the league in assists for the first time in his career in his 17th season, his second wearing a Lakers uniform.

Laker Players that were the NBA Assists Leaders:

Assists Avg. Total Assists Points Rebounds
LeBron James 2019-20 10.2 684 25.3 7.8
Magic Johnson 1986-87 12.2 977 23.9 6.3
Magic Johnson 1985-86 12.6 907 18.8 5.9
Magic Johnson 1983-84 13.1 875 17.6 7.3
Magic Johnson 1982-83 10.5 829 16.8 8.6
Jerry West 1971-72 9.7 747 4.2 25.8

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