Lakers History: Laker Players that Led the NBA in Rebounds

Features the complete list and details about the Los Angeles Lakers players that have led the NBA in rebounds, including Jerry West and Magic Johnson

The Lakers have had some of the best big men in NBA history and 4 of them lead the league in rebounds a total of 7 times.

George Mikan, the first NBA superstar, took 1007 for the Minneapolis Lakers, the 1952-53 Champions. Wilt Chamberlain took more rebounds than anybody in basketball history, and led the league 11 times, 4 of them with the Lakers jersey. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the all-time scoring leader, also won his rebounds title in 1975-76.

Dwight Howard arrived to L.A. for 2012-13 after a back surgery and led the league in rebounds despite not being a 100% physicaly for most of the season.

Note: from 1950-51 to 1968-69, the NBA rebounds leader was the player with more total rebounds, after that the rebounds title is won by the player with better rebounds per game average.

Los Angeles Lakers Players that Led the NBA in Rebounds:

Rebound Avg. Total Rebounds Points Assists
Dwight Howard 2012-13 12.4 945 17.1 1.4
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 1975-76 16.9 1383 27.7 5.0
Wilt Chamberlain 1972-73 18.6 1526 13.2 4.5
Wilt Chamberlain 1971-72 19.2 1572 14.8 4.0
Wilt Chamberlain 1970-71 18.2 1493 20.7 4.3
Wilt Chamberlain 1968-69 21.1 1712 20.5 4.5
George Mikan 1952-53 14.4 1007 20.6 2.9

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