Lakers Universe - Los Angeles Lakers regular season 2003-2004, scores and highlights game by game.

Features all the scores and hghlights for Los Angeles Lakers regular season 2003-2004. Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Gary Payton & Karl Malone statistics

Los Angeles Lakers Regular Season Record: 56 - 26
Western Conference Playoff Standing: 2nd
Playoffs first round rival: HOUSTON ROCKETS

Los Angeles Lakers vs. the others

this is the way the series ended this 2003/2004 regular season

Eastern Conference Lakers
Western Conference Lakers
Atlanta Hawks 1 1 Dallas Mavs 2 2
Boston Celtics 2 Denver Nuggets 3 1
Chicago Bulls 2 Golden St. Warriors 3 1
Cleveland Cavs 2 Houston Rockets 2 2
Detroit Pistons 1 1 L.A.Clippers 3 1
Indiana Pacers 1 1 Memphis Grizzlies 2 2
Miami Heat 2 Minnesota T'Wolves 1 3
Milwaukee Bucks 2 Phoenix Suns 3 1
New Jersey Nets 2 Portland Trail Blazers 2 2
New Orleans Hornets 1 1 Sacramento Kings 1 3
New York Knicks 2 San Antonio Spurs 3 1
Orlando Magic 2 Seattle Sonics 3 1
Philadelphia 76ers 1 1 Utah Jazz 3 1
Toronto Raptors 2
Washington Wizards 2

*Although the Lakers won the Pacific Division, this wasn't an easy regular season for them. They lost at least 1 game against every Western Conference rival and lost the series against the Wolves and Kings, two title candidates. Against the weaker Eastern Conference the lakers lost only 5 games.

Los Angeles Lakers Regular Season
All the Scores and Highlights 2003/2004

W/L Date Game Score Highlights
W 4/14 at Portland 105-104
Kobe 37pts 8reb 5assist
Shaq 25pts 14reb 5assist 4st 4bl
Payton 5pts 6assist
Malone 4pts 5reb injured
Medvedenko 10pts 14reb
W 4/13 vs. Golden State 109-104 Kobe 45pts 7reb 8assist
Shaq 23pts 13reb
Malone 10pts
Payton 9pts 4assist
Medvedenko 10pts 7reb
L 4/11 at Sacramento 85-102 Payton 15pts
Malone 13pts 11reb 4assist
Shaq 10pts 5reb 3bl
Kobe 8pts 5reb 4assist
Fisher 14pts 7reb 5assist
George 10pts 5reb 5assist
W 4/9 vs. Memphis 103-95 Kobe 33pts 6reb 7assist 4steal
Shaq 28pts 12reb 4bl
Malone 12pts 7reb 6assist
Payton 12pts 7assist
L 4/6 vs. Portland 80-91 Shaq 17pts 12reb 3bl
Kobe 12pts 6reb 8assist
Payton 12pts 6reb 4assist
Malone 11pts 6assist
Fox 11pts 4reb
L 4/4 vs. San Antonio 89-95 Kobe 28pts 6reb
Payton 21pts 8reb
Shaq 17pts 9reb 4assist 3bl
Malone 12pts 9reb 4assist 3steal
W 4/2 at Seattle 97-86 Kobe 25pts
Shaq 23pts 14reb 5assist
Payton 17pts 5assist
Malone 14pts 8reb 4assist
Fox 10pts 6assist
W 4/1 vs. Houston 93-85 Kobe 26pts 7reb 4assist 5steal
Malone 20pts 14reb 6assist
Shaq 18pts 8reb
Payton 12pts 13reb
W 3/30 vs. New Orleans 107-88 Kobe 23pts 6assist
Payton 20pts 6assist
Shaq 15pts 9reb 3bl
Malone 11pts 8reb 9assist 3st
George 10pts / Cook 10pts
W 3/28 vs. Utah 91-84 Kobe 34pts 6reb 4assist
Malone 19pts 13reb
Payton 17pts 3assist
Shaq 11pts 14reb
W 3/26 vs. Minnesota 90-73 Kobe 35pts 9reb 5assist
Shaq 22pts 18reb 4assist
Payton 7pts 3assist
Malone 4pts 7reb
W 3/24 vs. Sacramento 115-91 Kobe 36pts 6reb 6assist
Shaq 17pts 16reb 6assist
Payton 20pts 5reb
Malone 11pts 7reb 4assist
Medvedenko 15pts 8reb
W 3/21 vs. Milwaukee 104-103
Shaq 31pts 26reb 7bl
Kobe 22pts 5reb 4assist
Payton 16pts 6assist
Malone 14pts 8reb 5assist
W 3/19 vs. L.A.Clippers 106-100 Kobe 27pts 7assist 5steal
Shaq 18pts 10reb 6assist 3bl
Payton 16pts 6reb 5assist
Malone 14pts 6reb
Fox 10pts 6assist
W 3/17 at L.A.Clippers 106-103 Kobe 27pts 9reb 6assist
Shaq 21pts 11reb 3bl
Malone 17pts 8reb 5assist
George 12pts 5reb
Payton 10pts 7assist 3steal
W 3/15 vs. Orlando 113-110 Kobe 38pts (24pts 4th quarter)
Shaq 27pts 23reb 5bl
Payton 12pts 9assist
Fisher 11pts
Malone 9pts 8reb
W 3/13 at Chicago 88-81 Kobe 35pts 8reb
Shaq 16pts 15reb 5bl
Malone 10pts 13reb 7assist
Payton 10pts
L 3/12 at Minnesota 86-96 Shaq 24pts 13reb
Kobe 16pts 11reb 5assist
Malone 13pts
Payton 10pts 6assist
W 3/10 at Boston 117-109 Shaq 28pts 17reb
Kobe 18pts 5reb 10assist 3steal
Payton 20pts / Rush 17pts
Malone DNP
L 3/8 at Utah 83-88 Payton 21pts 6reb 7assist
Shaq 16pts 10reb ejected
Fisher 13pts / Rush 12pts
Malone, Kobe DNP
W 3/7 vs. New Jersey 94-88 Shaq 32pts 9reb
Payton 18pts 9reb 4steal
Malone, Kobe DNP
W 3/5 vs. Seattle 99-91 Shaq 32pts 8reb 6assist 4bl
Payton 16pts 7reb 7assist
Rush 11pts
Kobe 0pts injured
Malone DNP
W 3/3 at Houston 96-93 Shaq 28pts 8reb 5bl
Kobe 18pts 8reb 13assist
Payton 14pts
Medvedenko 13pts 6reb
Malone DNP
L 3/2 at Atlanta 93-94 Shaq 23pts 14reb
Payton 23pts 10reb 10assist
Rush 14pts
Malone, Kobe DNP
W 2/29 at New Jersey 100-83 Shaq 19pts 14reb
Payton 16pts 5assist
Kobe 11pts 6reb 10assist
Grant 14pts 7reb / Cook 10pts
Malone DNP
W 2/28 at Washington 122-110 Shaq 29pts 4bl
Kobe 25pts 14reb 10assist
Medvedenko 14pts / Rush 14pts
Payton 10pts 7assist
Malone DNP
L 2/26 vs. Sacramento 101-103 Kobe 35pts 11reb 6assist
Shaq 24pts 10reb
Payton 8pts 5reb 6assist
George 7pts 10reb
Malone DNP
W 2/25 at Denver 112-111 Kobe 35pts 7reb 10assist 3steal
Shaq 16pts 8reb 4bl
Payton 14pts 8assist
Russell 10pts / Medvedenko 10pts
Malone DNP
W 2/22 at Phoenix 104-92 Kobe 40pts 7reb 5assist 3steal
Payton 20pts 5reb 5assist
Shaq 19pts 5reb 4bl
Malone DNP
W 2/20 vs. Philadelphia 116-88 Shaq 29pts 13reb
Kobe 28pts 5reb 7assist 3steal
Payton 13pts 5reb 6assist
Rush 13pts / Fox 11pts
Malone DNP
W 2/18 at Golden State 100-99 Kobe 35pts 5reb 8assist
Shaq 31pts 16reb 7assist 5bl
Payton 7pts 6reb 5assist
Malone DNP
W 2/17 vs. Portland 89-86 Kobe 31pts 8reb 10assist
Shaq 21pts 11reb
Payton 15pts 6reb 6assist
Medvedenko 8pts 9reb
Malone DNP
W 2/15 All-Star Game
(Los Angeles - Staples Center)
Shaq 24pts 11reb MVP
Kobe 20pts 4reb 4assist 5steal
Yao Ming 16pts / Allen 16pts
Duncan 14pts 13reb 5assist
Francis 13pts 4reb 4assist
Garnett 12pts 7reb 6assist
Magloire 19pts 8reb
Martin 17pts 7reb
J.O'Neal 16pts 9reb
Kidd 14pts 10assist
McGrady 13pts / M.Redd 13pts
Carter 11pts / Iverson 11assist
L 2/11 at Houston 87-102

Shaq 24pts 9reb 4bl
Payton 19pts 3steal
Kobe 14pts
Malone DNP

W 2/10 at Miami 98-83 Shaq 25pts 10reb
Fisher 18pts 6assist 4steal
Payton 17pts 7reb 6assist
George 17pts 11reb 3bl
Malone, Kobe DNP
W 2/8 at Orlando 98-96 Shaq 20pts 10reb 5assist
Payton 18pts 4assist
Rush 17pts / Fisher 15pts
George 11pts 5reb
Malone, Kobe DNP
L 2/5 at Philadelphia 73-96 Shaq 17pts 8reb 3/15ft
George 13pts
Medvedenko 12pts 7reb
Payton 0pts 1assist ejected
Malone, Kobe DNP
W 2/4 at Cleveland 111-106
Shaq 37pts 12reb 6assist
Payton 30pts 6assist
Grant 11pts 12reb
Malone, Kobe DNP
L 2/2 at Indiana 72-85 Medvedenko 14pts
Payton 10pts 8reb 7assist
Malone, Kobe, Shaq DNP
W 2/1 at Toronto 84-83 Shaq 36pts 8reb 5assist
Payton 14pts 6reb
Grant 9reb
Malone, Kobe DNP
L 1/30 vs. Minnesota 84-97 Shaq 22pts 9reb
Rush 17pts 7reb
Fisher 12pts / Medvedenko 10pts
Payton 10pts 9 assist
Malone, Kobe DNP
W 1/28 vs. Seattle 96-82

Payton 24pts 5assist
Kobe 14pts
Fisher 11pts 6steal
George 10pts / Grant 8pts 10reb
Shaq 7pts 5reb 18min
Malone DNP

W 1/24 at Utah 93-86 Medvedenko 26pts 12reb
Payton 22pts 6assist
Kobe 21pts 6assist
Rush 10pts
Shaq, Malone DNP
L 1/22 at Dallas 87-106

George 24pts 6reb
Medvedenko 18pts 5reb
Rush 18pts
Payton 11pts 5assist
Shaq, Kobe, Malone DNP

L 1/21 at Memphis 82-88 Payton 24pts 6reb
Medvedenko 12pts 12reb
Cook 12pts 10reb
Russell 10pts
Shaq, Kobe, Malone DNP
L 1/19 vs. Phoenix 85-88

Rush 18pts / Russell 17pts
Medvedenko 15pts 5reb
Payton 14pts 8reb 9assist
Fisher 13pts 5reb 3steal
Shaq, Kobe, Malone DNP

W 1/17 vs. L.A.Clippers 91-89 Medvedenko 20pts 10reb
Payton 15pts 6reb 15assist
Fisher 11pts / George 11pts
Rush 10pts 5reb
Sampson 9pts 10reb
Shaq, Kobe, Malone DNP
L 1/16 at Sacramento 83-103 Rush 30pts / Payton 16pts
Fisher 12pts
Medvedenko 6pts 9reb
Sampson 9reb
Shaq, Kobe, Malone DNP
W 1/14 vs. Denver 97-71 Medvedenko 22pts 9reb
Payton 21pts 6assist
George 12pts / Fisher 9pts
Grant 8pts 11reb
Shaq, Kobe, Malone DNP
W 1/12 vs. Cleveland 89-79 Payton 13pts 4assist
Cook 13pts 6reb
George 12pts 12reb 3steal
Medvedenko 11pts 8reb
Kobe 10pts 5reb injured
Rush 10pts
Shaq and Malone DNP
W 1/9 vs. Atlanta 113-67 Kobe 26pts 5reb 6assist 3steal
Medvedenko 26pts 11reb(8off)
Payton 9pts 5reb 7assist
Fisher 11pts / Russell 11pts
Shaq and Malone DNP
L 1/7 at Denver 91-113 Kobe 27pts 6assist 6steal
Payton 22pts 5reb
Rush 14pts
Shaq and Malone DNP
L 1/6 at Minnesota 90-106 Kobe 20pts 10reb
Cook 16pts / Rush 16pts
Payton 13pts 2assist
Fisher 9pts 5assist
Shaq and Malone DNP
L 1/4 at L.A.Clippers 98-101 Kobe 44pts 10reb 4steal
Medvedenko 18pts 8reb
Payton 10pts 5reb 4assist
Shaq and Malone DNP
L 1/2 at Seattle 109-111 Kobe 32pts 6reb 6assist 4steal
Payton 24pts 5reb 5assist
Medvedenko 14pts
O'Neal 6pts 5reb injured
Malone DNP
W 12/28 vs. Boston 105-82 Shaq 22pts 16reb
Fisher 15pts / George 14pts
Payton 13pts 6assist
Kobe 11pts 5reb 6assist
Medvedenko 10pts 9reb
Grant 10pts 8reb
Malone DNP
L 12/25 vs. Houston 87-99 Kobe 23pts 8reb 6assist
Shaq 22pts 10reb 3bl
Payton 13pts 7assist 4steal
George 11pts / Grant 11reb
Medvedenko 10pts 7reb
Malone DNP
L 12/23 at Golden State 98-107 Kobe 23pts 5reb
Shaq 21pts 5reb
George 16pts 9reb
Medvedenko 12pts
Payton 8pts 13assist 4steal
Malone DNP
W 12/21 vs. Phoenix 107-101 George 19pts 9reb
Payton 19pts 7assist
Shaq 18pts 18reb
Russell 14pts / Fisher 11pts
Kobe 10pts 6reb
Malone 3pts injured
W 12/19 vs. Denver 101-99 Shaq 26pts 11reb 6assist 4bl
Kobe 13pts 5assist
George 12pts 7reb
Malone 11pts 8reb
Payton 10pts 11assist
Medvedenko 11pts
L 12/13 at Portland 108-112 Kobe 35pts 5reb 6assist
Shaq 22pts 10reb
Malone 14pts 9reb
Payton 14pts 4assist
L 12/12 vs. Dallas 93-110 Shaq 25pts 14reb
Kobe 15pts 7reb 6assist
Malone 14 7reb
Rush 12pts / Russell 11pts
Payton 4pts ejected
W 12/9 vs. New York 98-90 Kobe 21pts 6reb 9assist
Malone 20pts 6reb 5assist
Shaq 18pts 15reb 4bl
Payton 17pts 4assist
Russell 12pts 5reb 4steal
W 12/7 vs. Utah 94-92 Shaq 19pts 15reb 8assist
Kobe 19pts 6reb
George 16pts 8reb
Payton 15pts 7assist
Medvedenko 15pts
Malone DNP
W 12/4 at Dallas 114-103 Kobe 32pts 6reb
Shaq 25pts 19reb 5assist 3bl
Payton 17pts 8assist 5reb
Malone 11pts 9reb 6assist 3st
W 12/3 at San Antonio 90-86 Kobe 21pts 6reb
George 18pts 3steal
Payton 16pts 6assist
Malone 16pts 10reb
Shaq 15pts 16reb 9bl
W 11/30 vs. Indiana 99-77 Shaq 23 pts 5reb 4bl
Kobe 12pts 7assist
Fisher 12pts
Malone 11pts 15reb
Medvedenko 10pts
Payton 8pts 5assist
W 11/28 vs. San Antonio 103-87 George 19pts / Kobe 17pts
Payton 17pts 7assist 3steal
Malone 10pts 11reb 10assist
Shaq 7pts 8reb
Rush 11 pts / Fisher 9pts
W 11/26 vs. Washington 120-99 Kobe 22pts 4assist
George 18pts 5reb
Fisher 14pts / Rush 14pts
Malone 13pts 5reb 5assist
Medvedenko 11pts
Payton 10pts 5assist
Russell 10pts / Shaq DNP
W 11/23 vs. Memphis 121-89 Kobe 28pts 4steal
Malone 20pts 10reb
Payton 17pts 10assist
Medvedenko 14pts 11reb
Russell 14pts / Shaq DNP
W 11/21 vs. Chicago 101-94 Kobe 28pts 4assist 3steal
Shaq 15pts 7reb 3bl
Payton 15pts 4assist
Malone 14pts 18reb
Russell 12pts
W 11/19 at New York 104-83 Shaq 23pts 6reb
Kobe 21pts / Fisher 10pts
Malone 17pts 14reb
Payton 11pts 3steal
George 9pts 8reb 5steal
L 11/18 at Detroit 96/106 Shaq 20pts 10reb 5assist
Malone 20pts 5assist
Kobe 19pts
Payton 15pts 5assist
W 11/16 vs. Miami 99-77 Kobe 27pts 6assist
Shaq 14pts 6reb
Payton 13pts 8assist
Malone 11pts 10reb
W 11/14 vs. Detroit 94-89 Shaq 21pts 15reb 8assist 3bl
Payton 21pts
Kobe 16pts 3steal
Malone 16pts 9reb
W 11/12 vs. Toronto 94-79 Shaq 23pts 14reb
Kobe 19pts
Malone 19pts 8reb 3steal
Payton 16pts 6assist
L 11/10 at Memphis 95-105 Shaq 20pts 12reb 3bl
Kobe 19pts 5assist
George 17pts
Malone 13pts 9reb
Payton 6pts 4assist
L 11/7 at New Orleans 95-114 Shaq 21pts 6reb
George 16pts / Kobe 11pts
Fisher 11pts / Malone 10pts
Payton 7pts 11assist
W 11/6 at San Antonio 120-117 2OT Kobe 37pts 4steal
Shaq 35pts 20reb 6assist 4bl
Payton 16pts 7reb 6assist
Malone 15pts 19reb 5assist
Fisher 11pts
Ginobili (SAS) 33pts 12reb 7assist
W 11/4 at Milwaukee 113-107 Kobe 31pts 7reb 8 assist
Shaq 23pts 14reb 3block
Payton 19pts 5assist
Malone 11pts 11reb 5assist
George 11pts 7reb
Fisher 10pts
W 11/2 vs. Golden State 87-72 Kobe 21pts 5steal
Shaq 17pts 14reb 3block
Malone 16pts 6reb
George 12pts 7reb 6assist
Payton 10pts 11assist 6reb
W 11/1 at Phoenix 103-99 Shaq 24pts 12reb 4block
Payton 19pts 9assist
Malone 18pts 12reb
Kobe 15pts / Fisher 13pts
George 12pts 12reb
W 10/28 vs. Dallas 109-93 Payton 21pts 7reb 9assist
Shaq 16pts 9reb 5assist
George 16pts 7reb
Malone 15pts 10reb 9 assist
Fisher 16pts / Kobe DNP

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