Lakers Universe - Los Angeles Lakers Regular Season 2005-2006, scores and highlights game by game.

Features all the scores and hghlights for Los Angeles Lakers regular season 2005-2006. Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom statistics

Los Angeles Lakers Regular Season Record: 45 - 37
Pacific Division Standing: 3rd / Streak: won 5
Western Conference Standing (for Playoffs): 7th

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Totals 18 12 27 25

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Lakers Regular Season Scores and Highlights 2005/2006

Game by game scores and highlights including points, rebounds, assists, etc.
W/L Date Game Score Highlights
W 4/19/06 vs. New Orleans
/ Oklahoma
115-95 Kobe 35pts 5reb 3st
Brown 19pts 8reb
Cook 12pts
Parker 10pts 4ast
George 10pts
Odom 6pts 7reb 6ast
Hornets: P.J. Brown 16pts 5reb
M. Jackson 15pts 13reb
W 4/16/06 vs. Phoenix 109-89 Kobe 43pts 8reb 5ast 3st
Odom 14pts 11reb 7ast
Parker 12pts 8reb 3ast
Brown 10pts 7reb
Walton 8pts 10reb 6ast 3st
Suns: S. Marion 29pts 7reb 3bl
B. Diaw 11pts 10reb 12ast
L. Barbosa 16pts
S. Nash DNP
W 4/14/06 vs. Portland 110-99 Kobe 50pts 6reb 5st
Brown 20pts 9reb
Odom 16pts 12reb 12ast
Parker 11pts
Trail Blazers:
M. Webster 18pts 5reb
S. Telfair 15pts 7ast
W 4/11/06 vs. Golden State 111-100 Kobe Bryant 31pts 4reb 5ast
Parker 18pts 6reb 4st
Odom 15pts 13reb 10ast
Brown 15pts 15reb
Warriors: J. Richardson 20pts
D. Fisher 18pts 5ast
B. Davis DNP
W 4/9/06 vs. L.A. Clippers 100-83 Kobe Bryant 38pts 5reb 5ast 3st
Odom 23pts 15reb
Walton 13pts 7reb
Brown 9pts 8reb
Clippers: Sam Cassell 24pts 5reb
E. Brand 24pts 10reb
L 4/7/06 at Phoenix 96-107 Kobe 51pts 5reb 3ast
Odom 17pts 11reb 5ast
Parker 14pts 4ast
Suns: S. Nash 25pts 8ast
L. Barbosa 23pts 5ast
S. Marion 12pts 14reb
W 4/6/06 at Denver 108-110
Kobe 42pts * 8reb
* Lakers record 24th 40+ game
in one season
Odom 16pts 5reb 3ast
Brown 15pts 13reb 4ast
Walton 12pts 7reb 6ast
Nuggets: C. Anthony 33pts 5ast
F. Elson 21pts 11reb
K. Martin DNP
W 4/1/06 vs. Houston 104-88 Kobe 43pts 3reb 6st
Odom 21pts 6reb 3ast
Parker 15pts 5reb 10ast
Walton 10pts 6reb
Brown 10pts 3reb
Rockets: T. Mcgrady DNP
Yao Ming 33pts 16reb
W 3/31/06 at Seattle 106-93 Kobe 43pts 5reb 4ast
Brown 12pts 13reb
Odom 12pts 10reb 5ast
Parker 10pts 7ast 3st
Cook 9pts 6reb 3bl
Sonics: C. Wilcox 16pts 7reb
Ray Allen 29pts 8reb 4ast
L 3/30/06 vs. San Antonio 85-96 Kobe 23pts 7reb
Odom 13pts 6reb 2ast
Vujacic 11pts
Walton 10pts 5reb
Brown 9pts 10reb
Spurs: Duncan 20pts 13reb 3bl
T. Parker 19pts 6ast
Mohammed 12pts 8reb 3st
Horry 12pts 6reb
Ginobili 11pts 4ast 3st
B. Bowen 12pts
W 3/26/06 vs. New Orleans
/ Oklahoma
105-94 Kobe 30pts 5reb 3st
Odom 23pts 8reb 5ast
Brown 17pts 6reb
Cook 12pts 5reb
Hornets: D. West 23pts 10reb
C. Paul 17pts 6ast
W 3/24/06 vs. Milwaukee 101-96 Kobe 43pts 5reb
Odom 16pts 9reb 6as
Brown 16pts 9reb
Parker 12pts 7reb 8ast 3st
Bucks: M. Redd 20pts 7reb
C. Bell 15pts 7reb 7ast
W 3/22/06 vs. Sacramento 87-80 Kobe Bryant 28pts 5reb 4ast 3st
Brown 21pts 12reb 3ast
Odom 13pts 8reb 8ast
Parker 10pts 4reb 4ast
Kings: Ron Artest 18pts 10reb 3st
B. Wells 15pts 9reb
W 3/20/06 at Boston 105-97 Kobe 43pts 5reb 4ast 5st
Odom 17pts 9reb 4ast
Parker 14pts 5reb 5ast
Brown 11pts 9reb 5ast
Walton 9pts 6reb 4ast
Celtics: P. Pierce 26pts 9reb
T. Allen 18pts
L 3/19/06 at Cleveland 95-96 Kobe 38pts 6reb 5ast 3st
Odom 25pts 8reb 9ast 3st
Parker 14pts 5ast
Cavaliers: Z. Ilgauskas 25pts 7reb
Lebron James 29pts 8reb 7ast
L 3/17/06 at New Jersey 89-92 Kobe 24pts 11ast
Odom 18pts 13reb 6ast
Parker 13pts 9reb 3st
Cook 11pts 4reb
Walton 11pts 6reb
Nets: N. Kristic 26pts 6reb
V. Carter 24pts 5reb
R. Jefferson: 16pts 5reb
J. Kidd 5pts 14ast
W 3/15/06 vs. Minnesota 92-89 Kobe 25pts 3ast
Odom 20pts 12reb 8ast
Brown 13pts 9reb
Parker 12pts
Walton 9pts 7reb
M. Banks 18pts 8ast
K. Garnett 16pts 14reb 2bl
L 3/14/06 at Sacramento 98-114 Kobe Bryant 30pts 7reb 7ast
Odom 24pts 6reb 7ast
Parker 15pts 5reb
Brown 10pts 8reb
Kings: M. Bibby 29pts 7ast
Ron Artest 28pts 5ast
L 3/12/06 vs. Seattle 113-120 Kobe 22pts 5reb 7ast
Odom 21pts 6ast
Mihm 20pts 13reb 3bl
Walton 17pts 6reb
Parker 15pts 5ast
Sonics: R. Lewis 26pts
Ray Allen 19pts 10reb 5ast
W 3/10/06 at San Antonio 100-92 Kobe 29pts 4reb 4ast
Parker 18pts 3st
Odom 13pts 8reb 9ast
Walton 13pts 10reb
Brown 10pts 8reb
Spurs: Barry 16pts / Finley 16pts
Ginobili 13pts 6ast
Duncan 12pts 4reb
T. Parker 10pts
W 3/8/06 at New Orleans
/ Oklahoma
113-107 Kobe 40pts 6reb 3st
Odom 18pts 17reb 6ast
Parker 16pts 7ast 5st
Vujacic 10pts
Mihm 9pts 8reb
Hornets: D. West 26pts 5reb
C. Paul 22pts 10ast 3st
L 3/6/06 vs. San Antonio 96-103 Kobe 43pts 6reb 3ast
Odom 13pts 7reb 4ast
Parker 9pts / Mihm 9pts
Spurs: Ginobili 21pts 6reb
T. Parker 21pts 8ast
M. Finley 21pts
T. Duncan 18pts 7reb 9ast
W 3/4/06 vs. Detroit 105-94 Kobe 40pts 5reb 4ast
Odom 24pts 5reb 10ast
Mihm 12pts 6reb 2bl
Cook 10pts
Pistons: C. Billups 24pts 10ast
R. Hamilton 20pts 5ast
R. Wallace 17pts
T. Prince 13pts
W 3/3/06 at Golden State 106-94 Kobe Bryant 42pts 4reb 5ast 3st
Mihm 16pts 5reb
Cook 12pts 5reb
Odom 7pts 6reb 4bl
Parker 5pts - ejected
Warriors: T. Murphy 18pts 7reb
J. Richardson 27pts 5reb 6ast
B. Davis 10pts
L 3/1/06 at Portland 93-99 Kobe 35pts 6reb 5as
Odom 16pts 8reb 3st
Parker 14pts 8reb
Cook 10pts
Trail Blazers:
Z. Randolph 20pts 8reb
S. Blake 19pts 5ast
W 2/28/06 vs. Orlando 102-87 Kobe 28pts 4reb 8ast 3st
Parker 17pts 7ast 3st
Cook 12pts 5ast
Mihm 12pts / Brown 11pts
Turiaf 10pts
Odom 8pts 12reb 5ast
Magic: D. Howard 15pts 9reb
G. Hill 23pts
L 2/26/06 vs. Boston 111-112 Kobe 40pts 8reb 6ast
Cook 19pts 5reb
Odom 14pts 10reb 7ast
Parker 13pts 4reb
Celtics: P. Pierce 39pts 7reb
D. West 19pts 10ast
L 2/24/06 at L.A. Clippers 83-102 Kobe Bryant 39pts 4reb 8ast 2st
Mihm 11pts 7reb 2st 2bl
Cook 9pts 5reb
Odom 8pts 9reb
Clippers: C. Mobley 22pts
E. Brand 32pts 11reb
W 2/23/06 vs. Sacramento 106-85 Kobe Bryant 36pts 6reb 10ast 2st
Odom 19pts 6reb 9ast
George 15pts 9reb 3st
Cook 12pts
Parker 7pts 5reb 7ast
Kings: M. Bibby 25pts 5ast
Ron Artest 15pts 6reb 7ast
W 2/21/06 vs. Portland 99-82 Kobe Bryant 27pts 6reb 4ast 5st
Odom 20pts 17reb 6ast
Parker 13pts 7reb 9ast
George 13pts 6reb
Cook 10pts / Brown 9pts 7reb
Trail Blazers: J. Dixon 16pts 4ast
D. Miles 13pts 5reb
L 2/19/06 Houston 2006
All-Star Geme
East won
T. Mcgrady 36pts
T. Duncan 15pts 10reb
S. Marion 14pts 8reb
D. Nowitzki 10pts 6reb
K. Bryant 8pts 7reb 8ast 3st
R. Allen 8pts
L. James 29pts 6reb *MVP
D. Wade 20pts 4reb
S. O'Neal 17pts 9reb 4ast
C. Billups 15pts 4reb 7ast
A. Iverson 12pts
J. O'Neal DNP
L 2/16/06 vs. Atlanta 110-114 Kobe 39pts 9ast
Odom 17pts / George 16pts
Cook 15pts 6reb 5ast
Brown 10pts
Hawks: J. Smith 21pts 15reb
J. Johnson 20pts 15ast
W 2/13/06 vs. Utah 94-88 Kobe 23pts 4reb 3ast 7st
Odom 17pts 9reb 8ast 2bl
Parker 16pts / Cook 15pts
George 12pts / Brown 8reb
Jazz: D. Brown 25pts
Kirilenko 10pts 8reb 5bl
L 2/11/06 vs. Memphis 99-100 Kobe 26pts 4reb 4ast 2st 2bl
Parker 20pts 2st
Brown 18pts 8reb
George 14pts 7reb
Odom 8pts 7reb 7ast
Grizzlies: E. Jones 25pts 8reb
Pau Gasol 31pts 12reb 7ast 2bl
C. Atkins 18pts
W 2/8/06 at Houston 89-78 Kobe 32pts 9ast 6st
Cook 27pts 10reb
Parker 13pts 7reb 5ast
Odom 8reb 13reb
Rockets: T. Mcgrady 11pts 7ast
Yao Ming 14pts 13reb
L 2/7/06 at Dallas 87-102 Cook 28pts 3reb 2st
Kobe 24pts 4reb 4ast 3st
Odom 14pts 6reb 7ast
George 10pts 6reb
Mihm DNP
Mavericks: D. Nowitzki 26pts 12reb
J. Howard 22pts 10reb
L 2/4/06 at New Orleans
/ Oklahoma
90-106 Kobe 35pts 6reb 5ast
George 21pts 4st
Cook 13pts 7reb
Brown 7pts 10reb
Odom, Mihm DNP
Hornets: D. Mason 21pts 5reb
C. Paul 19pts 7reb 13ast
L 2/3/06 at Charlotte 102-112 Kobe 35pts 9reb 5ast 4st
Parker 19pts 3st
Mihm 15pts 9reb
George 12pts 5reb 3st
Odom DNP
Bobcats: J. Jones 31pts 9reb 3st
P. Brezec 22pts 6reb
L 2/1/06 at Indiana 79-105 Kobe 26pts 5reb 4st
Cook 12pts
Mihm 10pts 6reb
Odom 10pts 7reb
Pacers: J. O'Neal DNP
P. Stojakovic 26pts 13reb
W 1/31/06 at New York 130-97 Kobe 40pts 4st
Bynum 16pts 4reb
Parker 15pts 5ast
Mihm 14pts
Odom 11pts 13reb 4ast 3st
Vujacic 11pts 5reb
Knicks: Q. Woods 15pts 9reb
S. Marbury 12pts 6ast
L 1/29/06 at Detroit 93-102 Kobe 39pts 6reb 3ast
Mihm 16pts 14reb
Odom 9pts 8reb 8TO
Parker 9pts / Cook 9pts
R. Wallace 24pts 8reb 5ast
R. Hamilton 20pts
T. Prince 19pts 6ast
B. Wallace 14pts 13reb
C. Billups 10pts 6ast
W 1/27/06 vs. Golden State 106-105
Kobe Bryant 30pts 5reb 8ast
Parker 17pts 4ast
Mihm 12pts 9reb
Brown 18pts 12reb
Cook 12pts 5reb
Odom 9pts 9reb 3ast
Warriors: J. Richardson DNP
B. Davis 29pts 10ast
W 1/22/06 vs. Toronto 122-104 Kobe 81pts (28/46 fg, 7/13 3pt) 6reb 2ast 3st
* 2nd best in NBA history
Parker 13pts 4ast 3st
Mihm 12pts 8reb
Odom 8pts 10reb 7ast
Brown 3pts 10reb
Raptors: M. James 26pts 10ast
C. Bosh 18pts 8reb
L 1/20/06 at Phoenix 93-106 Kobe 37pts 2reb 2ast 3st
Odom 15pts 12reb 4as
Parker 12pts
Mihm 10pts 7reb
Odom 23pts 16reb 8ast
Parker 21pts 4st
S. Marion 22pts 16reb 3st 5bl
S. Nash 17pts 9reb 12ast
L 1/19/06 at Sacramento 109-118
Kobe Bryant 51pts 9reb 4ast
Odom 16pts 10reb 6ast
Mihm 11pts 8reb
Parker 10pts 4ast
Brown 8pts 8reb
Kings: M. Bibby 40pts 6ast
K. Thomas 16pts 12reb 10ast
W 1/16/06 vs. Miami 100-92 Kobe 37pts 3reb 4ast
Odom 19pts 10reb 9ast
George 17pts 6reb
Mihm 10pts 6reb
Heat: S. O'neal 18pts 10reb
D. Wade 34pts 7ast
G. Payton 6pts 5reb 6ast
W 1/14/06 at Golden State 110-104 Kobe Bryant 38pts 7reb 7ast
Parker 24pts 12reb 6ast 3st
Brown 18pts 12reb
Mihm 12pts 6reb 3bl
Warriors: J. Richardson 37pts 4st
B. Davis 24pts 11reb 13ast
W 1/12/06 vs. Cleveland 99-98 Kobe 27pts 2ast 2reb 2st
Odom 20pts 10reb 9ast
Mihm 15pts 6reb
Parker 12 pts / George 9pts
Brown 8pts 9reb
Cavaliers: Z. Ilgauskas 29pts 5reb
Lebron James 28pts 9ast
L 1/11/06 at Portland 103-113 Kobe Bryant 41pts 3ast 4st
Odom 15pts 6reb 5ast
Mihm 13pts 7reb
Parker 12pts 6reb 4ast
Cook 10pts
Trail Blazers: J. Dixon 27pts 6ast
R. Patterson 21pts
W 1/9/06 vs. Indiana 96-90 Kobe 45pts 10reb 5ast
Odom 17pts 12reb
Brown 9pts 9reb
J. O'Neal
24pts 16reb 4ast
A. Johnson 14pts
W 1/7/06 at L.A. Clippers 112-109 Kobe Bryant 50pts 8reb 8ast
Cook 16pts
Mihm 14pts 10reb
Brown 10pts 10reb
Odom 9pts 10reb
Clippers: C. Mobley 36pts
E. Brand 28pts 10reb
W 1/6/06 vs. Philadelphia 119-93 Kobe 48pts 10reb
Parker 24pts 3st
Mihm 13pts 7reb 4bl
Odom 8pts 7reb 12ast
76ers: Iverson 31pts 7ast
Iguodala 14pts
Webber 12pts 10reb
L 1/3/06 at Utah 80-90 Odom 25pts 8reb 4ast
Brown 9pts / Wafer 9pts
Vujacic 9pts / Kobe DNP
Jazz: M. Okur 20pts 10reb
Kirilenko 14pts 8reb 9ast 6st 7bl
L 1/1/06 vs. Utah 94-98 Cook 19pts
Odom 18pts 12reb 8ast
George 15pts 8reb
Mihm 12pts 6reb
Walton 10pts / Kobe DNP
Jazz: Kirilenko 23pts 5reb 5ast
M. Okur 16pts 8reb
L 12/28/05 vs. Memphis 99-100
Kobe 45pts 7reb 4ast 2st
George 18pts 2bl
Mihm 15pts 11reb 2bl
Odom 9pts 15reb 5ast
D. Stoudamire 25pts 9ast
Pau Gasol 24pts 13reb
L 12/16/05 at Washington 91-94 Kobe 31pts 5reb 2ast
Parker 16pts 5reb 4ast 2st
Mihm 11pts 9reb
Odom 9pts 4reb 7ast 2st
Cook 8pts 7reb
Wizards: G. Arenas 34pts 7reb
C. Butler 16pts 5reb
L 12/25/05 at Miami 92-97 Kobe 37pts 8reb 6ast 2bl
Cook 15pts
Odom 14pts 16reb 6ast 2bl
Mihm 9pts 8reb
Odom 7pts 8reb
Heat: G. Payton 21pts
S. O'neal 18pts 17reb
D. Wade 18pts 5ast
W 12/23/05 at Orlando 104-88 Mihm 20pts 5reb 3bl
Kobe 20pts 9ast
Odom 18pts 8reb 6ast
Parker 16pts 5reb 5ast 3st
Cook 12pts / Brown 9reb
Magic: S. Francis 28pts 5reb 9ast
G. Hill 13pts 8reb
W 12/20/05 vs. Dallas 112-90 Kobe 62pts* in 18/31 fg 8reb 3st
*career high
Mihm 9pts 8reb
Odom 7pts 8reb
Mavericks: D. Nowitzki 18pts 11reb
D. Harris 18pts
L 12/18/05 vs. Houston 74-76 Kobe 24pts 6ast 2st
Brown 11pts 6reb
Parker 11pts
Odom 3pts 7reb 1ast
Rockets: T. Mcgrady 20pts 8reb
D. Wesley 18pts
W 12/16/05 vs. Washington 97-91 Kobe 41pts 8reb 4st
Odom 14pts 11reb 3ast
George 13pts / Brown 6pts 9reb
Mihm 9reb 4bl
Wizards: G. Arenas 29pts 5reb
C. Butler 20pts 4st
W 12/14/05 at Memphis 94-79 Kobe 27pts 8reb 3ast
Odom 14pts 7reb 5ast
Parker 13pts / Brown 9pts
Mihm 7pts 8reb
Grizzlies: M. Miller 21pts 5reb
Pau Gasol 10pts 12reb
W 12/12/05 at Dallas 109-106 Kobe 43pts 5reb 4st
Odom 15pts 11reb 5ast
Brown 12pts / Mihm 10pts
D. Nowitzki 27pts 15reb
M. Daniels 23pts 6reb
L 12/10/05 at Minnesota 82-95 Kobe 35pts 4reb 3ast
Odom 16pts 4reb 4ast 4bl
Mihm 15pts 11reb
K. Garnett 30pts 8reb
Szczerbiak 25pts 7reb
W 12/9/05 at Chicago 93-80 Kobe 23pts 9reb 8ast
Odom 19pts 7reb 4ast
Cook 16pts / Parker 13pts
Mihm 10pts 7reb / Walton 7ast
Bulls: K. Hinrich 26pts 7ast
M. Sweetney 22pts 12reb
W 12/7/05 at Toronto 102-91 Odom 19pts 5reb 4ast 3bl
Parker 15pts 5reb 4ast
Profit 14pts
Walton 13pts 6reb 4ast
Kobe 11pts 9ast
Raptors: C. Bosh 22pts 10reb 6ast
M. Peterson 14 pts
W 12/4/05 at Milwaukee 111-92 Kobe 33pts 5reb 6ast
Odom 24pts 9reb 8ast
Parker 20pts 4ast 7st
Mihm 13pts 7reb
Bucks: M. Redd 21pts 6reb
T.J. Ford 16pts 6ast
W 12/4/05 vs. Charlotte 99-98 Kobe 29pts 6reb 4ast
Mihm 21pts 9reb 3bl
Vujacic 12pts 4ast
Cook 11pts 7reb
Odom 7pts 10reb 11ast
Bobcats: M. Ely 20pts 5reb
B. Knight 17pts 8ast 4st
L 12/2/05 vs. Minnesota 108-113 Odom 24pts 7reb 8ast 6to
Parker 22pts 4ast
Kobe 20pts 9reb 8ast
Cook 19pts 8reb
Walton 10pts
T-wolves: Szczerbiak 34pts 5ast
K. Garnett 29pts 8reb 4ast
W 12/1/05 at Utah 105-101
Kobe 30pts 7reb 3ast
Parker 21pts 5reb
Odom 12pts 13reb 9ast
Walton 12pts / Vujacic 11pts
Mihm 10pts 7reb
Jazz: D. Williams 20pts 7reb 4ast
M. Harpring 16pts 8reb
L 11/29/05 at San Antonio 84-90 Odom 27pts 16reb
Kobe 25pts 4reb 4st
Parker 10pts 4reb 3st
Vujacic 10pts
Spurs: Ginobili 22pts 8reb
Duncan 16pts 9reb 5ast
L 11/27/05 vs. New Jersey 96-102
Kobe 46pts 3reb 3ast
Cook 14pts 7reb
Odom 8pts 10reb 5ast
Walton 8pts 7reb 5ast
Nets: J. Kidd 35pts 8reb 12ast
N. Krstic 20pts 13reb 5ast
V. Carter 10pts
W 11/24/05 vs. Seattle 108-96 Kobe 34pts 5ast
Odom 23pts 12reb 6ast
Cook 17pts 7reb
Parker 16pts 8reb 3st
Mihm 12pts 5reb
Sonics: R. Lewis 32pts
Ray Allen 19pts 6reb 4ast
L 11/20/05 vs. Chicago 93-96 Kobe 43pts 6reb
Mihm 13pts 5reb
Odom 6pts 10reb 5ast
Bulls: C. Duhon 21pts 8ast
M. Sweetney 20pts 12reb
L 11/18/05 vs. L.A. Clippers 91-97 Kobe 36pts 5ast
Odom 18pts 6reb 5ast
Mihm 12pts 9reb
Parker 10pts
Clippers: E. Brand 23pts 14reb 5bl
C. Maggette 21pts / Mobley 20pts
W 11/16/05 vs. New York 97-92 Kobe 42pts 5reb 2st
Mihm 14pts 9reb
Odom 13pts 9reb 6ast 3st
Parker 10pts
Knicks: Frye 21pts / Curry 17pts
S. Marbury 4pts 10ast
L 11/14/05 at Memphis 73-85 Kobe 18pts 3reb 2ast
Mihm 11pts 10reb
Profitt 8pts
Grizzlies: Pau Gasol 20pts 10reb
E. Jones 16pts
L 11/11/05 at Philadelphia 81-85 Mihm 20pts 9reb
Kobe 17pts 9reb 7ast
Odom 16pts 12reb
Parker 13pts 3st
76ers: Iverson 34pts 6ast
K. Korver 14 pts
L 11/9/05 at Minnesota 74-88 Kobe 28pts 4ast
Odom 15pts 6reb
Brown 10pts 13reb
George 8pts 6reb
Timberwolves: Hassell 14pts
K. Garnett 17pts 15reb
W 11/8/05 at Atlanta 103-97 Kobe 37pts 5ast
Parker 21pts 3st
Odom 13pts 11reb 6ast 5st
George 12pts 4st
Hawks: J. Johnson 26pts
W 11/6/05 vs. Denver 112-92 Kobe 37pts 8reb 5ast
Mihm 20pts 13reb
Odom 20pts 8reb 4ast
Parker 9pts 6reb 5ast 4st
Nuggets: C. Anthony 21pts 6reb
Miller 20pts / K. Martin 17pts
L 11/3/05 vs. Phoenix 112-122 Kobe 39pts 7reb 5ast
Odom 23pts 16reb 8ast
Parker 21pts 4st
Suns: S. Marion 30pts 11reb
S. Nash 12pts 6reb 17ast 4st
W 11/2/05 at Denver 99-97
Kobe 33pts 5reb 4ast 2bl
Parker 20pts 4reb 6ast
George 14pts 8reb 4ast
Odom 8pts 9reb 7ast 2st
Brown 7pts 6reb / Mihm 7pts 4bl
Nuggets: Camby 19pts 14reb
C. Anthony 16pts 6reb 6ast

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