Los Angeles Lakers in the 2008 NBA Playoffs: First Round, Lakers vs. Nuggets, Preview.

Information about games of the L.A. Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets series in the 2008 NBA Playoffs, with score, recap, pictures, stats, highlights, quotes and Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol performance.

2008 NBA Playoffs First Round
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets

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Game 1: Lakers 128, Nuggets 114 at Los Angeles   Game recap & pictures
Game 2: Lakers 122, Nuggets 107 at Los Angeles   Game recap & pictures
Game 3: Lakers 102, Nuggets 84 at Denver   Game recap & pictures
Game 4: Lakers 107, Nuggets 101 at Denver   Game recap & pictures

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NBA Playoffs 2008 - First Round - Series Preview

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets

Series Preview

Los Angeles LakersDenver NuggetsMay 14: The Lakers scenery for the 2008 Playoffs is very different from last year,. when they arrived with the 7th seed and had to face the Suns for the second consecutive postseason. The Suns did their job quickly against an L.A. team that had the NBA scoring leader but nothing much to offer, with Lamar Odom not comfortable with his role of second scorer and a group of talented but too young players.

This year, the Lakers will start the postseason as the team with best record in a very competitive Western Conference. A strange season that started with Kobe Bryant asking to be traded turn out to be one full of championship hopes, mainly thanks to the arrival of Pau Gasol and the fast growth of the young players (Farmar, Bynum, Vujacic, Turiaf). The absence of Andrew Bynum, still not recovered, will be noted but the on the bright side, the Lakers managed to be at the top of the West without him.

The Nuggets, despite making the playoffs with the 8th seed in the crowded Western Conference, won 50 games in the regular season, which would have earned them a 4th place in the East. They have the 3rd and 4th scorers in the league in Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson and a big defensive presence, a good rebounder and shot blocker in Marcus Camby. But chemistry and character issues will be the key for their performance and of course, they don't seem to have someone to slow Kobe Bryant down or the team consistency to interrupt the Lakers ball movement.

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